Oh, hey! You're curious about who we are? Okay, sit down for story time. Albany and Avers came to fruition in late 2018. Owner, Amanda Tjarks sat on the idea for years while playing it safe in corporate America. In late 2018 Amanda began thinking about what it would look like to make her lifelong goal of owning a retail boutique a reality and what would go on into it. 

Albany and Avers sees the importance of reducing carbon footprint in the apparel industry. Given the alarming fact that the average American discards 81 pounds of clothing a year, that statistic is not only wasteful, but it’s also unsustainable long term. Fashion is cyclical and we continue to see trends coming full circle - and arguably sometimes better in the original form.

Those who enjoy following fashion trends can find joy in hunting to find that perfect garment that was popular decades ago, that is trendy right now and is still in its original form, while reducing our carbon footprint and saving our planet.

The name Albany and Avers stems from the journey of Amanda’s life in Chicago. Albany is the name of the street she first lived on in Chicago. Albany represents vintage, fun, and reclaimed fashion. While Avers represents the last street in which Amanda lived in Chicago. Avers is the mature, modern, and trendy sister. Binding the two together cultivate a unique style that marries vintage, unique treasures with modern, trendy garments resulting in a unique, expressive style that can’t be found elsewhere.

Albany and Avers delivers fashion that is relatable and achievable to women at any price point. By selling vintage finds and working with vendors to supply new trends, this widens our demographic and serves the community in the way that brings unique fashion into the area with affordable price points for young adults in a large city.

Fast forward to present day and Albany and Avers now resides in Omaha, Nebraska in the historic neighborhood of Dundee. It's been a long time coming, but we've landed exactly where we are meant to be.

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