Real Talk about Quarantine

Hello from the quarantined corners of Chicago.

As of today, our city is officially on lockdown. The introverted homebody in me doesn’t really seem to mind, but rather the depression era kid in me who is scared of running out of food is terrified - balancing that is fun.

I’ve been staying home in self-quarantine now for 8 days (with little trips to the grocery store every couple days, and morning solo runs with my dogs), and I’ve felt about every emotion there is…multiple times.
Real talk, there are many unknowns for a lot of people. Service, hospitality, and event industries are shut down and canceled across the world for an unknown amount of time. Many who are still working face the fears of the unknown, and as a new business owner who is supposed to be opening the doors in 6 weeks from the time I’m writing this, the uncertainty is scary.
Though, when I’m not sitting in worry or anxiety, and I have a clear mind there is a lot of opportunities that sit ahead of us. This morning after finishing a virtual reiki session, I had a huge moment of clarity. This is something we’ve all been wanting and wishing for a while - no, not the virus, no not being laid off, but time. We’ve all wished over and over that we had more time. More time with family, loved ones, time to start a new hobby, read, start that blog, cook more, focus on self-care, spend more time with the kids, deep clean the house, write that business plan, launch that website, watch that Netflix series, sleep.
We have it. We have nothing but time right now. Take a break from the fear-mongering that currently lives on tv and across Twitter and take the time to do something you really want to do and that your future self will thank you for.
Hopefully, in 6-8 weeks life will resume as normal, we’ll be back to the grind, we may never get this time again. Don’t let it slip by and you wonder later on why you didn’t do more with it. This is your time to start something new, what are you going to do with it? Comment below.
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