Summer 2024 Trends

Summer 2024 Trends

After a long winter mixed with a lot of spring showers (and tornados), summer is finally on the horizon for us here in Omaha. As the summer of 2024 creeps up on us, it's becoming time to refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends. Where can you find the best unique and stylish pieces other than your favorite secondhand store? Here at Albany and Avers, it's important to us that you live your summer sustainability; yet still in fashion. This summer’s top trends are full of many vintage styles making a comeback and brand-new items and styles making their debut in fashion.

Boxer Shorts / Micro Shorts

Short shorts are no longer just for lounging around the house -- they’re stepping out in a big way this summer. From the pages of Vogue to the desert of Coachella Valley, Micro shorts and boxer shorts are this summer's new essentials. This season, these versatile, comfortable pieces are becoming a chic addition to any summer wardrobe. Pair them with your favorite secondhand tank top or oversized button-up, and you are guaranteed to spend your summer comfortable, sustainable, and in style.

Denim on Denim

Whether you hate it or love it, denim on denim is a trend that has seen waves of popularity for decades and still comes back bigger than ever. Putting denim and denim together is all about experimenting with different washes and cuts to create a cohesive and striking outfit. Think denim vests with denim skirts or an oversized denim jacket with long denim shorts.  No matter how you choose to style denim on denim, you are sure to stand out in a timeless and effortless way.

Animal Prints

Just like denim on denim, animal print is another very controversial fashion trend making its way back into the summer 2024 cycle. Animal Prints, specifically leopard print, is back, reclaiming their spot as the most bold, statement-making trend. This season, this classic, chic pattern is being recreated in fresh ways, appearing most in dresses, skirts, and fun accessories. Whether you choose to incorporate animal prints in a head-to-toe monochromatic look or with subtle hints, this trend is the perfect way to stylishly stand out this summer. 

Statement Socks

The days of wearing neutral-colored no-show socks every day are over! This summer, we are breaking out of our shell by styling colorful or patterned socks of multiple lengths.  Whether paired with sneakers, sandals, boots, or loafers, bold socks are becoming one of the best ways to inject a pop of personality into any outfit, all while staying comfortable.  This accessory can be used to pull together a monochromatic outfit or add a bit of flair to a more neutral-toned outfit! With Memorial Day and The Fourth of July on the horizon, this is the perfect time to prepare your wardrobe to be bold and dress to impress.

This summer it's time to stand out and take advantage of your favorite secondhand stores to introduce you to unique, stand-out pieces. Fashion is all about having fun and expressing yourself, so take this season to explore your personal style and embrace it!

Have styling questions? Just reach out, we're happy to help!

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